This interplay—between grandeur and homiest detail, romance and history—is sewn together with such conviction, it’s no wonder Paris is admired by so many. Beyond the wrought-iron tower, iconic triumphal arches, and hilltop landmarks, are convoluted streets brimming with cafés and scintillating conversations. Tiny round tables host one too many people. And though everyone spilling out from those tables is utterly chic, Mehran Khayeri can’t help but look beyond their fabulous outfits and shoes to notice the details in the ground supporting them.

With Wonder and excitement, he takes us on his journey through Paris.

10:00 AM

I go to The Palace of Versailles every time I come to France. On this trip, I am taken aback by The Hall of Mirrors. It’s not the hand-carved walls, elaborate domed ceilings or voluptuous chandeliers that have me mesmerized, it’s the pattern of the Chateau and Herringbone wood floors. Breathtaking. It’s these awe-inspiring details I will recall later, creating my Memories of Versailles line, and the Palace and Chateau collections.

8:00 AM

I am sitting outside East Side café in 10th arrondissement sipping on an espresso, enjoying a delicately flakey croissant. The chairs are still dewy from the overnight rain and the neighbourhood feels like a cozy village. I love to wake up early when I’m in Paris. I admire the tiles, glossy from the water, abounding with intricacies.

1:00 PM

For lunch, I visit Jacques Garcia at Hai Kai to review the latest Architectural Digest. I find myself distracted by the dizzying, graffiti laden exterior and contrasting dainty interior of Hai Kai. The experience provokes visions of design inspiration and endless possibilities.

3:00 PM

Jacques and I go for a walk around The Comptoir General Concept Store— a vast African-themed bar located in former sables overrun by lush plants, whose vintage decorations call to mind a cabinet of curiosity. The floors are composed of wide, refurbished wood planks. I’m in heaven.

5:00 PM

I meet a couple of friends at Les Deux Abeilles, a sophisticated restaurant where thoughtfully inventive dishes operate like mini fireworks on your taste buds. The minimalist tomato tarte with clam foam is anything but ordinary. For the first time today, I haven’t thought about flooring or design.