The Selection Process

It all begins with the discovery of the finest, and strongest old growth European Oak and Ash. Traveling far and wide to ensure it is harvested from sustainable and ecological forests.

The material is harvested from old growth forests where the trees are harvested after they’ve lived over 100 years of life. This allows for our planks to be not only durable, but also extra-long and wide.


Ecological Milling of Hardwood

At Khayeri, all our flooring is made with respect for the environment and as efficiently as possible. This means we produce the finest luxury floors, while minimizing the environmental impact of our process.

Our suppliers also operate their in-house sawmills in order to be able to guarantee our clients the best possible base material, highest yield, waste efficiency and for in depth quality control. Any wood residues used in our on-site power plant provides green power to our facility and more than 3,000 households; a unique feature in the flooring industry.


How it is Manufactured

Our wood is Kern Dried in chambers operated by renewable energy composed of sawmill residue. The moisture content in our raw material is extracted in order to stabilize the hardwood for usage in our fluctuating Canadian climate.

The raw material then undergoes a detailed selection of quality to ensure only the finest material is used to manufacture our luxury engineered flooring. The old growth European White Oak and Ash are then adhered to the most structurally stable support layer that is specifically designed to withstand the North American climate.


The Khayeri Signature Design

The products are then finished using Khayeri’s stains, finishes, and treatments. We use various natural staining processes to achieve our beautiful and unique designer color ranges hand finished on both European Ash and White Oak species. We strive to improve everyday life experiences of interior spaces by offering the most beautiful, diverse, structurally stable, and ecologically conscious hardwood flooring products on the market. A true artisan floor that is hand-made, fitted and finished, our collections offer the most customizable options made with old-world craftsmanship with modern interior design.


From Distant Shores

Our attention to ensuring the lowest possible carbon footprint also extends to our shipping process. All our Khayeri Curated Flooring products are shipped to Canada via ocean transport and local rail. These methods are known to be the least impactful on the environment. Khayeri’s vast lines are European pre-ordered and stocked in Khayeri’s high volume warehouse from which its products are used as sampling and displays ensuring consistency of products.


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