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Product Feature – Scandinavia: Copenhagen

Copenhagen – Scandinavia as a whole – has a way of drawing you in. You spend a day there, then a week, then maybe two, and at the end of it you forget that you’re a tourist. For as long as you are allowed the pleasant reverie, you think of yourself as a local.

Copenhagen is a tapestry of elements at once beautiful and functional: elegantly symmetrical historic palaces, thoughtfully designed modernist architecture, street side cafes and community-focused public spaces. Locals swim in the pristine waters of the city harbor, friends converse along benches – everybody seems to be smiling. And yet despite the energy and vibrancy, the beauty and livability, Mehran Khayeri keeps his eyes lowered, studying the ground beneath it all. This is his journey.

Enjoying an espresso and perfectly crusted sourdough bun, the minimalist ambiance of the cafes exposed brick walls, thin wood surfaces, and smooth beige flooring lends a pleasant sense of calm. Walking along the city’s perpetually curving streets, the stream of bricks along the floor bending like flowing water, Khayeri feels his thoughts – like himself – begin to drift comfortably. The simplistic environment has a powerful effect.

Deciding to lunch amongst the vibrancy and energy of the harbours of Nyhavn, Khayeri strolls along the boardwalk and is caught by the shimmering beauty of the brightly coloured townhouses across the canal being reflected in the water. It creates an impression both ethereal and expansive, one that sends his mind spinning with inspiration.

Inspired by his travels through Norway and Denmark, Khayeri brings the distinctly Scandinavian affinity for minimalism and functionality to his Memories of Scandinavia line. Demonstrating a uniquely seamless design with sanded smooth flooring and signature no beveling, this line creates an effortless sense of balance that is both timeless and beautiful. Combining the sophistication of wide plank flooring with lightly brushed colours and two-tone design, Scandinavian serenity reigns supreme here – laying the groundwork for a transitional or contemporary sleek home.

The Copenhagen collection

This collection is inspired by the modern, clean Scandinavian design that captivated Khayeri during his visit. The design combines balanced, minimalistic style with practicality in typical Scandinavian fashion. This Copenhagen Collection features a sanded smooth and maintenance free oil finish available in 8” wide planks and the highest structurally stable core support.

Choose from premium select grade French White Oak or White Ash: the highest grade of wide plank wood on the market, sourced exclusively from sustainable forestry.

The Earth tone colour options of the Copenhagen collection provide the space with a subtle, modern finish that bring out the best of your furniture and artwork. This collection offers a wide variety of tonalities that ranges from light and warm, to deep and dark. The Copenhagen collection evokes a sense of grandeur and calm every time you enter – leaving an unforgettable impression.

Seeing is truly believing with Khayeri Flooring. Discover, touch, and experience our Copenhagen collection.

The khayeri difference

Whether it’s ash or French White Oak, every herringbone, chevron, or wide plank of Khayeri engineered hardwood flooring is the result of artisanal design and precision craftsmanship. 100% European-made and supported by Baltic Marine Birch, or an acoustic underlay, it blends effortlessly with any style from classic to contemporary and is built to withstand a variety of harsh climates.