Our Bespoke Line

It has been said that the word ‘bespoke’ was first coined in 1607, although we may never know for sure. But throughout the ensuing decades and centuries, bespoke has evolved
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IDS2020 Trade Show

Khayeri Flooring will be at the 2020 Interior Design Show, IDS2020, where we’ll launch our Worship the Ground You Walk On Contest and unveil our latest products, including new Bespoke
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DesignTO Event

We’re holding a DesignTO Event: join us for an evening of wine and cheese, and discover a new line of Khayeri products that symbolize innovative design, quality craftsmanship and meticulous
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Mesmerizing Stairs

Each home has its unique architectural feature that makes it one of a kind, the only one for you. Staircases are often one of the key architectural elements of modern
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Eternal, Mythical: The Story of French White Oak

France is a leading player in European timber production. It has been managing its diversified forests for many centuries, both ecologically and economically. French forests are constantly expanding and at
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The Ground Upon Which Holidays Stand

What is it that makes holidays the spectacles that they are? What is it that brings us together in a spirit of generosity, friendship and altruism? It may seem plain
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