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The Khayeri Journey – To Distant Shores And Back

The Khayeri Journey is meticulous and thoughtful one. We are the vessel through which, old-world, European forests are placed at your feet. Every detail and consideration is carefully measured to align with Khayeri’s overarching philosophy: worship the ground you walk on. We do the forests from which we source our wood justice by creating floors that shine with natural beauty; floors that resurrect memories of places you’ve never even been to.

The Khayeri Journey unfolds over five stages: Selection, Processing, Manufacture, Design and Shipping.

Selection and processing is thorough. Only the finest wood with the richest texture is chosen. Hand-selected to favour wood with the fewest small knots, the process translates into an end-product that looks cleaner and more consistent, with less variation between planks.

Khayeri Flooring is a long-term member of the NWFA (National Wood Flooring Association), the world’s largest professional association in the wood flooring industry. Our crews are trained in accordance with the association’s standards and our services are performed according to the strict guidelines and regulations set forward by the NWFA. The job is done right, and it is done keeping in mind the highest standards.

Our large warehouse facility ensures adequate stock for your product. This translates into multiple installation crews and the ability to add additional labour if needed to speed up the process. A high quality, full product line-up of engineered, laminate, and vinyl flooring is installed by our reliable and detail-oriented crews that ensure the job is completed to satisfaction the first time. Under the supervision of a dedicated Project Manager with a decade of experience in the industry, our installation crews work together to install flooring and transform interiors.

Our French White Oak and European Ash are strictly harvested from Certified Forests. The meticulous forest stewardship of French Oak forests has meant that their size has more than doubled over the past 100 years, making genuine French White Oak the most sustainable hardwoods in the world. It is from these near-everlasting sources that Khayeri finds, and provides, inspiration. Even in the initial stages, Khayeri’s process abides to strict standards. The coda always in sight.

The highest manufacturing quality-control standards are in place to ensure peak performance during North America’s harsh, dry winter months and contrasting humid summers. Only the best European-sourced and made engineered support is selected from Baltic Marine Birch, Nordic Pine and Spruce. Combined with detailed moister content conditioning, wood that was once foreign to our climate has gradually, like an old friend, come to find itself more and more at home.

Khayeri’s design process takes into account both aesthetic and environmental impact. As a paean to the forests, care goes into ensuring the wood takes centre stage: extra-long, extra-wide planks, with structurally-stable cores and natural finishes. Using the latest European ECO formulations, our specialty natural vegetate-based oil finishes ensure no VOC’s and Formaldehyde seep into the wood to maintain its natural complexion and texture, and to give the space it’s installed in a healthy heart.

With a warehousing facility of over 1 million sq. ft. and gradually-developed factory-direct relationships, Khayeri ensures adequate stock and the perfect storage conditions. With over 17 years of experience with multi-unit and custom-residential projects, no project is too big and no order goes unfulfilled.

t’s a journey to faraway places and quiet forests. And in the end, after all the countries, cultures, and all the people, it comes back as a memento. So you remember.

The khayeri difference

Whether it’s ash or French White Oak, every herringbone, chevron, or wide plank of Khayeri engineered hardwood flooring is the result of artisanal design and precision craftsmanship. 100% European-made and supported by Baltic Marine Birch, or an acoustic underlay, it blends effortlessly with any style from classic to contemporary and is built to withstand a variety of harsh climates.