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Product Feature – Versailles: Chateau

The interplay—between grandeur and homiest detail, romance and history—is sewn into the fibres of Paris. Beyond the wrought-iron towers, iconic triumphal arches, and hilltop landmarks, are convoluted streets brimming with cafés and scintillating conversations. It is in this world traced by winding streets and glorious monuments, unchanging interpretations and vague dreams, that Khayeri searches.

Mesmerized by the Palace of Versailles’ hand-carved walls and elaborate, domed ceilings; in awe of the city’s cobbled streets’ tiles, glossy from fountains’ water and abounding with intricacies; distracted by dizzying, graffiti laden exteriors and contrasting dainty interiors of buildings, and immersed in the aura of lush plants, Khayeri finds his inspiration.

Synonymous with extravagant opulence, the Palace of Versailles is one of the greatest achievements of French 17th century art. Featuring old world European craftsmanship, each plank of Versailles hardwood flooring is an artisan masterpiece.

Custom-made in the Netherlands, this collection features the ultimate structural support with 100% Marine Birch backing topped with premium, sustainable, old-growth French White Oak.

Versailles flooring provides one-of-a-kind aged radiance protected by a natural vegetate-based hard-wax oil, lending an unmistakable natural, hand-made finish. Khayeri brings the elaborate beauty and regal perfection of the French palace to the Memories of Versailles line – his most luxurious and customizable line of premium flooring.

The Chateau collection

Elegant distressing, rich texture, knots, and deep variations in tonality define the exemplary flooring of the Chateau Collection. Celebrating the natural character of hardwood, the Chateau Collection is available in both Rustic Grade and Reclaimed varieties. Featuring a true artisanal hand-finish that embodies the aged, rustic sensibilities of a storied French manor, the Reclaimed Series features three-hundred-year-old European White Oak sourced from rare historic chateaus, farm houses, public buildings, and rail roads throughout the Netherlands, Belgium, and France.

The celebrated origins of the Chateau collection make themselves present the moment you enter. Evoking your sense of wonder and feelings of inspiration from generations of prominence.

Seeing is truly believing with Khayeri Flooring. Discover, touch, and experience true artisanal craftsmanship behind our Chateau collection.

The khayeri difference

Whether it’s ash or French White Oak, every herringbone, chevron, or wide plank of Khayeri engineered hardwood flooring is the result of artisanal design and precision craftsmanship. 100% European-made and supported by Baltic Marine Birch, or an acoustic underlay, it blends effortlessly with any style from classic to contemporary and is built to withstand a variety of harsh climates.