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Underneath It All Is A Pattern

Patterns are everywhere: a patchwork quilt, a checked shirt, the way farmers plant their crops, the way cities are moulded into grids, history and mathematics, the predictability of behaviour and the rhythm of breathing. If you look close enough, you can even find them in a series of seemingly unconnected events.

From the natural and artificial, to the metaphysical, patterns are how we make sense of the world and often, patterns are how the world presents itself to us

At Khayeri, flooring patterns are how we present the character of a country, its people and its history. There’s a touch of sophistication, an old-world, European elegance that is brought to you – and at the same time, you get taken there.

Nine different patterns bring nine different feelings; nine different memories.


Etched into the wood, lines extend out from the middle at angles, almost as if taking flight. The shade varies as does the texture; capturing methodical movement. Like a bird in the sky.


Similar to Chevron only wilder and more unkempt, the pattern of wood extends from the middle but one on top of another, jostling for position; wanting to be seen. It’s darker, more commanding.


Crisscrossing, sometimes above, sometimes below, Versailles is an ode to the palace from which it takes its inspiration. It has an authority to it that the dark tones seem to agree with.


Castel captures the artistry that runs through France: pattern lies on top of pattern, the wood’s natural coloring resembling the drip of an artist’s paintbrush. Beautifully careless.


Variance stands strong, upright, regal. The blemishes and textures of the wood visible. The pattern: two bold, horizontal lines meeting in the middle, in union. Broodingly dark.


Understated elegance and quiet confidence. An empire doesn’t shout out its authority or the extent of its reach; it doesn’t need to. When you step in it, you know.


When you think of a chateau you picture a little house, quietly tucked away behind trees, on a hill somewhere in the country. Chateau’s pattern camouflages into the wood in much the same way. You’ll see it and it’ll welcome you in.


Even in chaos there is calm, in madness there is method. Chantilly is a patchwork of wood in different direction, different patterns, blemishes and tones. And it works.


Translating to “cross” Krius’ pattern takes from its name. With the color so light, calming and quaint, the more you look at it, the more it starts to speak.

The khayeri difference

Whether it’s ash or French White Oak, every herringbone, chevron, or wide plank of Khayeri engineered hardwood flooring is the result of artisanal design and precision craftsmanship. 100% European-made and supported by Baltic Marine Birch, or an acoustic underlay, it blends effortlessly with any style from classic to contemporary and is built to withstand a variety of harsh climates.